Answer to Challenging Questions

For developing novel solutions, Genbios believes in looking at challenges differently. This fundamental shift in approach to Biosciences enable us to create solutions from newer sources in lesser time. For our customers, this means cost savings and faster time-to-market.
Our services include:

Customized database design:

  1. Exclusively based on client requirement
  2. Easy access to data
  3. Maintenance of databases with back-up
  4. User friendly to operate and update
  5. Data safety management

Literature Curation:

  1. Literature sources used include NCBI, free online publications and about 35 renowned journals subscribed by Genbios
  2. Literature collection is automated.
  3. Manual data curation by an expert team of biologists
  4. A comprehensive report with easy access to data with references
  5. Since we have developed an in house tool for text mining, we can provide accurate data in a relatively shorter time span

Gene Identification:

  1. Give your gene sequence, we tell you its significance
  2. A comprehensive report containing
    1. Gene functionality across species
    2. Open reading frame
    3. Sequence of the proteins coded by the gene
    4. Significance in different cellular contexts
  3. Our reports provide 75-80% accuracy in our predictions

Gene Analysis:

  1. For preventive drug discovery
  2. To study and compare the expression of genes under normal and diseased conditions
  3. For creating customized treatments
  4. Report generated in user friendly format


  1. Protein Structure Prediction:
    1. Input: gene/ protein sequence
    2. Report with
      1. Modeled structures
      2. Proof to support the validity of the structure
      3. Structures of homologous proteins
      4. Predicted function of the protein
  2. Sequence Analysis:
    1. Domain analysis
    2. Motif analysis
    3. Active site predictions

Drug Designing:

  1. Structure- aided drug discovery using Silicon Graphic Machines
  2. SNP Analysis
  3. in-silico lead generation
  4. Library of lead molecules from natural sources

Study of molecular interactions in-silico:

  1. Study of Protein-Protein interactions
  2. Study of Protein-Nucleic acids interactions
  3. Energy calculations in a molecular interaction
  4. Predictions of impact of functional group additions to macromolecules

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We always look forward to working with clients in solving challenges in life sciences.