Genbios offers a range of bioinformatics products and services for biotech and pharmaceuticals industry.

Products at Genbios:

Tools developed by Genbios


GenbioPred is a bioinformatics tool designed for diagnostics market. This tool enables the user in predicting the most probable epitopes that can be used in the diagnostic kits.

General ways of predicting epitopes is based on

  1. 3D structure of protein, where in results can be very accurate, but the structures are always not available and if the target epitope is viral, then protein structure varies from generation to generation
  2. Properties of the epitopes such as hydrophilicity, where data is readily available, but may not be very accurate

Another problem faced by many researchers faced using online epitope prediction tools is generation of multiple and dissimilar outputs.

GenbioPred is a tool that combines large number of outputs from the well-known epitope prediction tools and gives few but most probable epitopes as the output. The final report generated validates the output of GenbioPred with supporting literature, structural analysis and antigen-antibody interactions.

The scale down of predicted epitopes is useful in synthesis of the most probable epitope that is scientifically validated and hence higher accuracy.

This tool was used by a renowned diagnostics company. They claim to have reduced the cost by 50% and accelerated the process by ten times.


GenbioTrans is a bioinformatics tool that searches for Transcription Binding Factors (TBFs) on a given genome sequence.

Input for the tool is a sequence that is hypothesised to be a TBF. The tool links to NCBI database, auto-downloads the required sequence and ORFs, and then performs the search. The output generated includes the position of the hypothesised TBF region in the genome and its proximity to the ORF. The final report includes graphical representation of the output and literature validation of the output.

This was a customised tool developed for a specific request by a client. However, since the methodology is developed by Genbios, this can be used for any searches on genomic or protein sequences.


Mutarate is a bioinformatics tool that predicts mutation rate in retroviruses. Due to the high rate of mutations in the genetic code of virus, diagnosis and therapy in case of viral infection has always been a challenging issue in life sciences. Mutarate is an attempt to address this issue.

The tool analyses the genome of the virus at each position across the generations to predict the most probable position/type of mutation. This tool has been tested with HIV genome. The output of this tool is critical in the design of viral diagnostics and therapeutics.

The above tools are developed using:

  1. Technology: PERL, PHP, JAVA (AJAX & SCRIPT) for technology,
  2. Back end database: MySQL as the back end database
  3. Servers: IIS (Internet Information Server), WAMP, Tomcat (Apache) as servers

The tools are compatible with the platforms:

  1. Windows XP/NT/ ME and Windows server 2008.
  2. Linux (Red-hot/centos/Fedora/Obuntu)

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