Genbios offers a range of bioinformatics products and services for biotech and pharmaceuticals industry.

Products at Genbios:

In-house Databases:

We offer subscriptions to our databases that are developed by extensive and focused literature curation.


GenbioMicro is a database with complete information of natural resources that yield economically important products such as:

  1. Enzymes
  2. Probiotics
  3. Natural Dyes
  4. Amino acids
  5. Vitamins


GenbioEco is a knowledge base containing complete information related to natural molecules that are potential drug candidates. This contains complete information regarding the natural molecules including the library of lead molecules generated from each natural molecule. Currently GenbioEco has drug candidates for the following diseases:

  1. Arthritis
    1. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    2. Osteo Arthritis
  2. Diabetes mellitus
  3. Cancer
    1. Breast cancer
    2. Lung cancer
    3. Leukemia
    4. Prostate cancer


GenbioTax , is a single-stop portal of information of an anti-cancer drug. This knowledge-base is handy in developing new initiatives in the production of Taxol, an FDA approved anti-cancer drug. However, currently the supply of this drug is far lesser than the demand due to the limitations of availability of the original resource.

This database can help researchers in the pharmaceutical field in the following ways:

  1. Provide all relevant information about the drug
  2. Suggests alternative sources as well as pathways for the production, based on some of the bioinformatics analysis carried out prior to data entries.

Some of the data available in this database are:

  1. The available and potential alternative sources of the drug
  2. Biosynthetic pathways, including the details of the enzymes, involved.
  3. Results of genomic and structural analysis for several enzymes, their interactions and relevant literature.
  4. Suggested alternative production methods

The databases are

  1. Platform independent
  2. Robust and easy to upgrade
  3. Easy user interface and query features designed specifically designed for scientific usage
  4. customizable based on needs of the user

Similar Knowledge-base for any other drug/ biomolecule could be developed by us that would boost the research effectiveness with a remarkable pace.

All of the above databases are developed using the :

  1. Technology: PHP, Flash, JAVA (AJAX and Script) as technologies
  2. Database: MySQL
  3. Servers: WAMP, XAMP, TOMCAT(Apache)

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